Thursday, October 9, 2008

New Kids on the Block

Well what can one say about this group. I just love them. I remember going to see them when I was 12. I was so in love with them and I am so excited that they are touring again!!!! I know I am so lame, but I truly love this group.
When we were living in Austin, me and my friend Melissa were going to see them in San Antonio, but I moved and they are coming here on Saturday. I am sad to say though, I will not be going to the concert. I had to make a decision on what I wanted more, tickets to the show or a house to move into. So everyone knows I picked the house. Here is the catcher though. I have a myspace account and I have some of the clubs here in Vegas as my friends so when I feel like going out and dancing I just email them so I can get on the VIP list.
So here is the greatest news, the new club LAX(last known as RA) inside the Luxor, is hosting the after party and they are going to be performing a little show. So I put myself on the VIP list along with Chris and our friends. So not all hope is lost about not being able to attend the show. I think that this is better, cause at the club I can dance and listen to the greatest group.