Saturday, May 31, 2008

My Music

I am so sorry about my music. They are having a problem with a couple of songs and unfortunately some of the songs are ones that I have. Some of them work, so just sit back, relax and listen to some music. Here is the thing, sometimes it plays all the music then it won't.
This thing is driving me crazy. So if you happen to be looking at the blog, all the songs may play or they may decide to be tempermental. Either way I love all these songs. My favorite is "Return to Pooh Corner", I love this song. I remeber playing it for Phillip when he was a baby. His baby theme was Classic Pooh. Oh how I miss him being a baby. NOw I have a 19(soon to be 20)yr. old and two 11 yr.olds. But I love them all with all my heart.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Desiree's 5th Grade Recognition

Well this one of the saddest days in my life. One of my babies is moving on to Middle School. Well actually both of them will be going on to Middle School, but one of them is home schooled(Phillip). We are so proud of Des, she was recognized for being a Eagle Pride student, student of the month and for being commended on her TASK test. I love her so much. I took this picture right before school. Her last day of Elementary. I did this thing where I would take the kids picture of their first day and last day. I have one of Nicole on her first day of her Senior year at Vegas High and one of Phillip at his first day at Goldfarb. We really miss those schools. Here Des is getting her certificate from her teacher Ms. Guerra and principal Ms. Patterson. I know its blurry, Phillip was helping and taking some pictures.

Here are the principals of the two Middle Schools that the kids from Forest North go two. My babies are not going to either one. If we stay they will go to Leander ISD or if we go back to Harney Middle School.

I thought I would throw this picture in. I cried so much this day. We didn't think that we were going to make it. I am so proud of this girl. She is my baby. She did two years of High School in one year. Nicole was the first one of our kids to graduate and now I look forward to Phillip and Des graduating. I know that will be even harder, knowing that they are all gone and I have to be home alone with Chris.(Just kidding)

I felt bad for Phil as we got to the school to watch Des and he saw some of his old friends. I asked him if he was ok with not having a graduation and being there with his old class and friends. He turned and looked at me so serious and said "I don't care about any of those things, I learned more at being home and I was away from HER(Ms. McKenzie)". Even so, I decided that he would get a little celebration of his own. He has to do a little more work, since he came into home schooling a little late. He will be done at the end of June. He is doing so much better. I know that next year may be a little difficult and some getting use to but he is ready to go.

Just Add WATER!!!!!!!!!

Just add water.. Who ever made that up is a genius. This package is the best thing ever made. You just add water and knead the dough and roll the tortillas out. It has the directions on the back and no more guessing how much water, salt, shortening, and baking powder. I love this stuff. I could never find it in Vegas. I remember Rose(mother) having a big tub of this stuff. She made me learn how to make them when I was 16, saying that one day I will marry a Hispanic and he will want home made tortillas. And I still regret the day I ever told Chris that I knew how to make them. But with this stuff I don't mind making them.

Here are some that are rolled up and rolled out. I love my rolling pin. It is kinda like a granite kind I love it.

Here are some more rolled out. I usually try to make about a dozen or so, that way we can have some for leftovers. But with Chris always stealing one, usually the first one and putting butter on it. So we are lucky if we have about 4 to 6 the next day.

Here is my rolling pin and towel where I put them when I'm done. I really need to get a warmer. Maybe I will get one when we go to San Antonio. I also need to pick up a griddle. Chris got me one for mother's day, but that thing is a pain trying to season it.

And finally the end result. Yes I know that my stove is dirty. Chris was making dinner and he usually gets everything dirty. He also feels that he must use all the pans. So if any of you want a package of this WONDERFUL stuff just let me know and on its way it will go.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Park

This park is right behind our apartments. We found it one day while walking. Phillip and I love coming here every morning. There is this great trail that we walk and we have seen many beautiful flowers and other trails.
These ducks are so cute. When we go we take bread and feed them. We named them Donald and Daisy. Though I know that they probably have about 100 different names. Phil likes to think that he names them. He tries everytime we go to try and bring them home.
This little watering hole is cute. There is man there every morning trying to fish. But I would not want fish from there. You dont know where they come from or what is in there.

This bridge goes on to one of the other trails that we haven't gone down. I feel that something or someone will jump out at us. And in the morning who know what kind of crazys hang out there.

These bluebonnets are the state flowers. If you are caught picking one you will get a fine of $250. They are pretty but not worth it. I tried growing our own, but if you know me I kill everything. Lucky the kids can feed themselves. (just kidding)

If you look closely you can see our building(brown top). Can you believe all the trees. They drive me crazy, them and all the green grass. Give mountains, dirt, and cactus any day.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

1st Day as a Valiant Teacher

So here is my Church. It is the Stake Center for the Round Rock, TX area, (we're in the McNeil Ward). I have come to love this place. I am so sad cause I think that we will be moving soon. Phillip has really come to love this Ward. Though nothing will ever, ever, ever change our hearts from our Home Ward, and that is the Treeline Ward. I truely miss everyone back home and hope to soon return. The one that is really upset is Phil. He loves his Scouts and does not want to leave them. They are planning so many things with the boys. Phillip will go on about 4 to 5 camping trips as a EYO Scout. We are almost done with his Webelos and his Arrow of Light. I am so proud of my little Scout. He will no longer be a Cub Scout, but a Boy Scout. Here he is in his uniform. I think that he is so cute.

Well I hope that everyone had a blessed weekend. Take Care and we will update often....

Saturday, May 17, 2008

The New Martha Stewart

So I have decided that I am going to be the next Martha Stewart. I have found this new fascination with cooking, baking and making things. I make my own icing, it is great. The other day I mad chocolate cupcakes with orange icing. They were great. I put a little orange zest to make it that much better. I was telling Chris the other day that I am going to open up my own shop and sell all kinds of things. Not to long ago we in search for an old game system and someone told us to go to a pawn shop to see what they have. Instead of finding the system, I found a sewing machine. I feel in love and I had to have it. Well Chris ( and if you know my hubby) says you got a job and your own money buy it. It was only $25, can you believe it. I couldn't so I bought it. I was all excited to get started. I even went to Wal-Mart to buy their cheap material so I can make something.

Well here is thing with buying stuff at a pawn shop. It was missing a major piece, the bobbin case. I didn't let it get to me. I went in search of the bobbin case for it. I finally bought after a month. So now I am sewing anything and everything. I want to make a skirt for Des for when we go to church. We'll see. Right now I like making curtains and couch pillows.

I have just been called to serve as a Co-Teacher for the Valiant 11 year old class.

I am very excited. Since we had moved here I had not had a calling. So I finally went and talked with my Bishop and next thing I am getting a calling. Phil and Des are happy cause now I am their teacher. This a picture of the Houston Temple. I think it is so beautiful. I still miss seeing and being able to drive 5 min. to see the beautiful Las Vegas Temple. But who knows I may end up back there real soon...

Baseball is finally over......

Well here is Phillip in the batting cages before the game. He was on the Angels, just like his first team. Here is the thing with this team. They were in last place and ended up winning the Championship at their tournament. Phil didn't get to play, they had the game on Sunday and we already have plans on those days.

The league here is VERY different than from the one back home. First, here it cost more and you don't get the full uniform Second, parents have to work the concession stand. Third, we are constantly give or raising money for something or another and still all we get is a shirt and cap. Then our team decided on getting WHITE pants. I could not get over this. WHITE pants are horrible. The stains are hard to get and you know there are going to be STAINS!!!!!

Here is a picture of his teammates. They were a good group of boys. There was this one boy, who could play the game all by his lonesome. Thomas was the pitcher, shortstop, and outfield. He is one of Phil's friends.

Phil is #5 and the kid next to him was one heck of a player. Three times he hit a homerun, and if you know playing at their age and hitting even one is great. Noah is one awesome kid. He and Phil would often go to the batting cages together. I think they really worked for Noah. Phil got a couple of great hits, one time he bunted the ball and no one had any idea what he was doing, not even the coach. But he pulled it off great. He later told us, "I just wanted to see if I could, so I did it".
But it is safe to say, that I am eternally grateful that it is over for now. We now move on to Pee-Wee football. He has pratice all summer long and not to mention that he will be going to Roger Clemens baseball camp this summer. He will be staying down South with family while he attends. Phil has a busy summer.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Life in Texas

Hello my name is Laura and this blog is about me and my crazy family. We moved to Texas almost a year ago. We moved from fabulous Las Vegas. I have three children, 2 girls and 1 boy. Well I felt that it was time to get started on my blog. We are now living here in Texas (hence the flag). Here is a little bit of what had been going on with our life here.