Thursday, June 19, 2008

I Would Like to Introduce.......


This is the newest member of our little family. My sister bought her for Phillip for his birthday. She is a Lionhead Rabbit. She is so cute and we love her. Phillip decided to name her Peaches cause she is so sweet and cute. We went to Petsmart to get her a cage,food and everything else. While there I saw this cute bag that is for small dogs but I am going to buy it so I can take her every where with me. We got this leash for her and I was walking her outside today when a guy saw me and had not seen her yet but her leash and said it was cute and came over to see what kind of dog I had, but to his surprise it was PEACHES. He stood there looking at me and wondering why was I walking a bunny. But I dont care about what anybody thinks she is so stinkin CUTE!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

The Water Park

So I thought that I was being a good mother and taking my kiddies to the water park. I thought that they were tired of going to the pool and maybe wanted to try something different. Boy was I wrong. They may look like they were having fun, but we were only there for about 20 min. and I am being generous with the time. Phillip is trying to hold Desiree in the water, but she is having none of it.
Here the boy is all alone. I think that at this point Des is slowly wondering to where I am. Phillip did have a good time for a bit. I think that if they had some friends with them it might have been another story.
As you can see from the look that she is giving, she wants to be somewhere else. The water park is the same place that where we go walking. Phillip has on many occasions expressed how much he wanted to go to this park.
He let me take this one, but all the while saying can we hurry up and leave. By this time Des is already sitting with me.
So now I have learned my lesson and not taking upon myself to do something nice. We get in the car and I tell them that I was trying to do something different. They both said "Why couldn't you take to some place with a pool water park, this place is for babies".So now we are planning Phillip's 11th birthday party. We had thought about maybe renting a party boat and going out to Lake Travis, but the kid doesn't want it. I have tried explaining to him that these parties are for us and for us to invite our friends. He wasn't having any of it. But he did make up his mind and we are going to Fiesta Texas. They have both a water park and amusement park. I think some how that this is going to cost us more than the party boat....