Monday, February 16, 2009

new toys....yeah!!!!

so chris finally gave in and we got a new computer. i absolutely love it. we got an awesome deal on it. chris got a rebate from his school for hp and we ended up getting the monitor for free.
on top is the old computer and desk and below is the new computer and desk.
i also got a new phone. the other rest its soul is finally dead. i went a whole day with out any reception anywhere. since i had the phone for over a year i got the new one really cheap. if there is deal to be found i will find it. the new phone is a sidekick and i am loving it. the sales lady was great and gave me two extra face plates for it.
and finally for valentines chris got me a sewing machine. i am SO LOVING IT!!!!!!
i recently bought new curtains, but they we're too see through. so i decided to make some darker ones and they came out great well i think so.

aren't they so pretty. well everyone should come over and play with the new toys.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

something different

So this past week I have been really upset. We found out some news that it I don't like so I needed to do something to cheer me up. I decided to paint the kids bathroom. As you can see Des is painting and the blue that it was looked like a light purple and I hated it. Phillip helped out for a bit but lost interest when the ice cream man came by.
She tried her hardest to stay clean and not to get any on the ceiling. But as you can see she got on both.

I'm going to add some lime green towels and monkey fixtures so it will look so much better. I love it. I had it done by the time Chris got home and he just shook his head and said couldn't I do something else less dramatic. I told him no and to leave me alone and also informed him that it is the kids bathroom and he doesn't have to look at it.
The down stairs bathroom is next. I just don't know what to do. So if any of you have ideas just let me know, I'm up for anything.

Andre's French Restaurant

My sis in law, or (my oldest as I referrer to sometimes) took me to eat the restaurant that she works at. This was my birthday present from her. It's inside the Monte Carlo and it was good. Earlier that day I was asking Chris what does one eat at a French place, he said stick with the chicken you cant go wrong with that.

Here is Nicole with the Wine Director. He is name is Claudio and he was so nice and funny. He kept on ask if I was sure that I didn't want any wine. I repeatedly told him that I don't drink. But thanked him any ways.
There was so much to choose from. I wanted to say that I did at least try something new.
So I decided to have the duck. It was so good, I didn't even finish it. We had the full four course dinner.

This was one of the servers. His name is Javier and he made me a rooster for my left overs. I took it home for Chris to try and he was not having none of it. The kids were upset that I actually ate the duck, but I explained to them that it was GOOD.