Monday, November 24, 2008

My Phone

Okay, this is my phone. I love this phone. It has a great memory for my pictures and music. It also serves as a MP3 player which is why I got it in the first place. I had to replace this phone once before. While living in Texas, I was sitting around the fountain at work and got up not realizing that my phone was in my lap got up and it fell in.
Well I replaced it and things were going great. Until about a month ago. My phone at every chance is trying to commit suicide. It had fallen on the tile floor breaking into all parts. I bring it back to life and a couple of days later same thing. This time I didn't think that it was going to make it. Chris told me just to forget it and get another one. I told him to forget it. This phone and I have great memories and special times.(I know that it is just a phone)Well I get it all better. It lasted a couple of weeks. The thing now is that I drop alot of calls. I thought about getting a new one, but I have alot of ring tones and call tones on this one and they don't transfer over to a new phone. See the dilemma.
Well this past weekend. We cleaned the pool out. It was drained and Chris and his friend Jason were wrapping the hose up and I was sitting on the edge of the pool just see how it looked empty. I get up cause I am in the way, well my phone was in the pocket of my jacket. I don't know what happened. Next thing I see is my phone at the bottom of the pool. Luckily there was no water in it, just in the middle where the pump couldn't get to. So I go around to the steps and get in. Trying to see if I could save my phone. I really thought that this was the end. Every thing had popped out and Chris said that it had finally succeeded. I refused to believe it. So I bring inside and hope for the best.....
Well it WORKS!!!!! I was so happy. I am seriously thinking about duct taping some parts, but I know that is a little ghetto. This is for you my little phone that I LOVE so much.

Saturday, November 22, 2008


So last night I went to see the awesome movie. It was so nice cause I got to see it with all my great friends. We had a girls night out and had dinner and everything. It is so nice to go out every now and then. So thank you so much Cori, if wasn't for you I would have stayed home.

Monday, November 17, 2008

14 - 10 ....

14 - 10
Sorry Kris and Alexis. Ernest made me do this. He so happy that they finally win a game. I told him that no matter what they aren't going to the Super Bowl.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

New Hair Cuts

OK so here is the before picture. I loved his hair. It was so long and I loved playing with it when he and I were sitting on the couch watching TV. I finally made the decision to cut it after some subtle chit chat with our Bishop about Phil's hair getting longer. In a about half a year Phil will be passing the Sacrament and needs to look like a wholesome boy.

Here is a shot getting it cut. After she took the first chunk, I was having second thoughts. I know that it needed to be done. He hated waking up and me having to do it for him. If it was up to him he would go to school with bed head.

Here is the after shot. Boy was he mad. He had tears when we were sitting there waiting for Des to get her hair done. He still has phantom hair. He will throw his head back to get the hair out of his eyes, but there is nothing there. I truly feel bad and I told him that we will never cut it again.

Here she is getting hers done. I did have a before picture, but I wanted to save her from embarrassment. They had just woken up and she really had BED HEAD. Their hair appt. was at 8 in the morning, so they were not up to getting anything done but sleeping.

Here is the after shot of her. She looks happy. I was telling Chris that Phil was happy in the morning and she was not. But you can see from the later pics, that he is mad and she is happy. I have to still get use to Phil's hair short, he looks good. But he looks older now. I wish that my babies would stay babies forever.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

New Landscaping

Well it got done today. The landscapers were here at 7:30 this morning and boy they are fast. In the previous pictures you could see the dead grass and how awful it looked. Phil was quite startled seeing all the Mexicans. He came rushing into our room to inform of this.

Here are my pretty rose bushes only one has bloomed though. I love the yellow roses. Those guys were very good. They were quick and clean. For a while there I was scared. It was sure a mess but look how nice it is now.

This is where a tree is going. I am having 2 more fruit trees put up. An orange and another peach are going up. They are coming back tomorrow again in the morning to get it done.

Well here are the kiddies. This was taken on their first day of school here. Phil's hair is way longer and Des is black instead of light brown. I love these two, they make my life worth living everyday. They love each other for about 10 min. in a day, but he is very protective of her and will not let any of his friends get near her or say anything about her. He even watches what she wears to make sure it is not to short or show to much skin. These two are my greatest blessing.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Our New HOME !!!

This is our new house. Its on 6053 Wild Berry Dr. I love this house, I know that the grass needs to be done, but we are getting rocks put in. They should be here next week to get it done. I have 3 rose bushes, a peach tree, apple tree, orange tree and a Mexican pepper plant. That is the one thing that I am constantly taking care of is the garden. The kiddies love helping with it.
This is the front living room. I have all my stuff in here. I put up my pictures and my church pictures and stuff in here. I love having my own living room, but some how Chris always ends up with us in ours.
This is the kitchen from my living room. I love all the counter space. It has granite counter tops (loving it). It has tile throughout the whole house. I am a fan for anything but carpet, but let me tell you I hate having to sweep everyday. I bought a swifer broom and mop, but I go through 2 just doing the downstairs. Plus now that it is getting colder we all have to wear slippers.
Here is my double oven, I love this thing. This is why Thanksgiving is being held at our house. Chris's mom said that we have more counter space and 2 ovens so we win, but I don't think that I am really winning anything here. Also on this day I know that football is going to be on, on all the TVs. The one in the front living room (Chris's) and the back (mine).
These are the stairs that lead to the upper part, I would've taken pictures, but I still have boxes everywhere. Plus here is the door that leads to the gnomes. We joke around with the kids that this is the gnome closet. I have that thing packed all the way up. You never know how much stuff one can acquire until you move.
Here is the front living room, I know that it's kinda dark but that is why I hate this room. I have a BIG picture window that lets in so much light. This is where Chris is suppose to stay, but I think that he gets lonely and always hears us laughing and wants to come and join the fun. Sometimes the kids don't let him, cause he like to change the show on them.
Finally here is the pool. We love this thing. It is getting cleaned this weekend. They are going to drain it and fill it back up and get it all pretty and stuff. So this is what has been going on in our lives. I know that I have gotten a little behind, but I just barely got the computer unpacked and had the Internet installed. Thanks Alexis for getting me on the ball. I am going to be doing a little better at keeping up at least once a week or so.