Monday, September 29, 2008

Long Time Coming

So I know that it has been a while since I last posted anything. I have been terribly busy. I will kinda go in order of what had been happening to us since I last posted.
1. Decided we were definitely moving back to Las Vegas.
2. Started packing our stuff(got it done in 3 days)
3. Decided on the day we were leaving the 26th of Aug.
But with our luck nothing ever seems to go the way we want. We ended up leaving like the 31st. Chris had some school stuff that he needed to take care of before we left and he needed to be there for that.
4. Finally got the truck, loaded everything up and took off the next day. My Ward was wanting to help, but Chris and I along with the kiddies and friends we got it done quick.
5. We arrived in Vegas on the 1st of Sep. got the kiddies all registered for Middle School. They ended up starting on the 3 of the month. They are both doing amazing. We were kinda worried about Phil going back into a public school, but he is doing great.
We started going to our old Ward, cause we just love everybody there SO much. But here is the best news of all...... We are moving into a house that has, wait for it.............A POOL!!!!!!!!
We are all stinkin excited. The kids and I have already said that we will be in the pool until it is to cold. The weather is perfect for this wonderful thing. It has 4 rooms and a nice covered patio. Alexis and Kris you guys need to come and visit and bring the kiddies.
To all our friends and family everyone is WELCOMED. We love being surrounded with everyone.